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پرس پا ops
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sky fitness quality not to aid experience and use of modern technology and general ady of world activity own begging. to pace of lofty in direction to compate with similarity products is foreigner cader of to designer a group of in dustrial sport fitness aseman in direction to connection and support from internal production and to creation occupation and to creation occupational in country have try all own production from materials use make inner .we just as can do it to promice many from such to act.

۰۹۳۵۵۴۸۹۶۱۹ phone number:

id telegram:@fitness_aseman 

some of sky fitness Equipment

leg curl:sky fitness

inner & outer thigh adductor:

دستگاه بدنسازی داخلپا سیمکش2کاره

linear leg press(BODY TONE) :

sky fitness
linear leg press

leg press:OPS

sky fitness
leg press OPS

for new equipment please click on

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